Upcoming time2timetravel reads and reviews

I thought it would be useful to show my upcoming reads and reviews:

  1. Traveler’s HOT L: New Tales from the Time Travelers Resort (Volume 2) by C. R. Downing.
  2. Journeyman (Matt Miller in the Colonies series Book 1) by Mark J. Rose.
  3. Prophet (Matt Miller in the Colonies series Book 2) by Mark J. Rose.
  4. Come Find Me by Mike Arsuaga.

Generally I read novels in order of receipt, but I’ll slide paper copies forward because I find them much easier to read and make notes for my reviews than ebooks. It’s also meant as a thank you to authors who are willing to cover the cost of shipment to the Netherlands 🙂 (But it doesn’t necessarily mean a 5* review! 😉 )

Reading time travel novels and getting to write my thoughts about them gives me great pleasure! It’s a hobby, not a job, so I won’t make any promises about completion times. It’s always my family first!

That said, I’ll do my best to meet publicity campaign deadlines etc. where possible, so just let me know!


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