Guest post: Deja Vu and the Parallel Universe

This is a guest post by Mihir Kansara which looks at the phenomenon of Deja Vu and puts forward his ideas which includes an interesting component in time travel and parallel universes!

We’ve already seen guest blogger Mihir Kansara when he wrote about God and Time about a year ago.

Mihir Kansara

Mihir writes for Theory of Space Time which covers many aspects of the nature of time. Here, Mihir looks at Deja Vu. Again? 😉

Science does not always require a proof, cause if it did, there would be no creator! Sometimes, the answers we try to find out by using technology and huge equations are in our own head. We just require to look inside us and most of the things will fall in place.

After discussing space time fabric, time travel, speed of light, big bang and the end of time itself, now let us light our torch on an event which we experience in day to day life!

Déjà vu

There can be philosophy without attraction, but no science is attractive without philosophy. The things I will explain down here might question many big theories. Many contradictions, but I consider all are true. Maybe not in our universe, but every theory has its own place to be true. We call that place – Parallel universe. A place where everything could be same, yet feel so different, or a place where everything would feel the same yet be so different.

Before discussing the center of topic, let us first completely understand why is this a topic falling under space-time theories.

What is a Déjà vu? Or even bigger – What creates it? Oh wait…who creates it?

What is Déjà vu?

“Already seen”

The phenomenon of having a strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has already been experienced in the past. It happens with probably every one of us. A Déjà vu is something you can’t resist not to see or feel. Many believe it is a disorder of brain while many believe it is a temporary recollection of memories lost in past. Nothing can be termed wrong. But just imagine, on a huge planet with millions of people living and millions of them gone long back since humans were born and all of them having same brain disorder or memory recollection? Nearly impossible.

People fear what they don’t understand, and maybe they never will, but that doesn’t make the truth their enemy!

What creates a Déjà vu?

So considering it is not a brain defect or memory loss case, what can possibly get into your head and make you feel your presence in the same situation where you have never ever even been before?

What could possibly force you to stop everything for a moment and ask you question “Wait, I have seen this before!!”

‘We’ create our own Déjà vu. Not the ‘we’ of our time, but the ‘we’ of our future.

A parallel universe

A universe so similar to our own, yet so minutely or gigantically different, creates one parallel universe. Even a slightest difference possible has its own universe. A universe where you are a billionaire. Or some other where you have everything you need, everything you can think of. Even a universe where you smiled reading the last 2 line just a mini-second before you actually smiled in this Universe. A universe where you didn’t smile at all – wait that was this Universe.

Anyway, so there could be infinite number of possibilities creating infinite number of universes. This parallel universe has no connection to any other parallel universe except a tiny but effective string – consciousness/soul.

There are parallel universes where everything there is exactly the same as it is here except a small change which makes it an all together new universe. Let us consider the change to be the master of all and ruled by none – Time.

Let the parallel universe the same as ours but of time in future. Smaller the difference between the 2 universes, less energy is required to connect to it.

What connects them is one single thing- call it energy, call it soul or call it consciousness or call it brain. So let us consider such a body in examination and connect Déjà vu with time-travel with conscious being our guide for the journey…

The process of Déjà vu.

Consider a person ‘A’ of age 20 in our present universe. The same person A is of 30 years in the parallel universe where everything related to person A is same except the 10 years time gap.

Both have same conscious inside them. The connection is quite weak but not null. ‘A’ of Parallel universe has lived 10 years more than ‘A’ of now. He has gathered more information while living the years of difference. Now, at the moment when both the minds are at rest or emitting a single frequency of mind state , the connection strengthens. This happens mostly while the body is in sleep. The situations and instances gets transferred from future A to past A with some utilization of energy. The minds are connected for a very small period of time.

Now for the A of our universe, the transferred memory is stored within but is difficult to recollect because nothing has happened so far. And mostly none of that will ever happen because infinite universes lets infinite transfer of such memories while the present can choose only one future to go into.

But whenever anything happens which the body had already seen which being connected then the mind recollects and it seems like it had already happened before. Well the part I like the most is…it never happened before with ‘you’ yet, it happened with ‘you’ of a parallel universe.

If everything you see while you sleep is future from a parallel universe, then what are dreams ? I would like to bifurcate dreams in 3 parts.

  1. Information from future which later causes Déjà vu.
  2. We already discussed this part of dreams.

  3. Memories from the past.
  4. Sometimes we see a memory from our past which we ourselves would had never recollected in our day to day work. This is the time when the mind of your parallel universe of past is connected to the mind of your present universe. It shows you the things that happened on the same day in their universe but to you it might be lost in your memories. Here you are helping your past create his/her next Déjà vu.

  5. Things you want to attract.
  6. This is a similar case to the first bifurcation. You see a parallel universe where you have the thing you wish for. Your mind tries to attract that Universe. But all that matters is how much energy it requires to be in that one. You might not necessarily end up being in that Universe.

Can this connection be minded consciously?

The answer to this question might change the way we see our world. Déjà vu isn’t as simple as it seems. Nor is it as difficult as it took here to explain.

Everything is relative. Maybe not here, but maybe in a parallel universe which is soon going to encounter your present!

Article by Mihir Kansara.

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Guest post: God and Time

This is a post from guest blogger Mihir Kansara who examines here how the concept of time may explain whether God governs our universe. Are you prepared?

God and Time

Mihir Kansara

This is a post from guest blogger Mihir Kansara. Mihir writes for Theory of Space Time which covers many aspects of the nature of time. Here, Mihir examines how the concept of time may explain whether God governs our universe.

God and Time

Science is simply a word we use to organise our curiosity. This curiosity is necessary. Without the curiosity of why apple fell downwards we could have never discovered the reason for it. Ever thought why did the apple fall on the first place? Did God do that? The real question would be: Is God governing our universe? The answer to this is with the only unaltered phenomenon – Time.

Let me tell you whatever conclusion that comes out from this, my faith in God is not gonna change. So here it goes.

Everyone loves the fascination and try to find whether GOD exists or not? Let me tell you, He surely does. But does it mean He controls us? Not necessarily!!

The Manhattan Project

The Manhattan Project was a research and development project that produced the first nuclear weapons during World War II. It was led by the United States with the support of the United Kingdom and Canada. Physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer was the director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory that designed the actual bombs.

Robert Oppenheimer is called the father of that mighty and terrible progeny known as the nuclear bomb. When the first bomb successfully detonated and its mushroom cloud cast its shadow into history, it was not joy that filled the mind of Robert Oppenheimer. As he watched the room around him “some smiled, others cried, most remained pensive” his mind rested on a passage from the Gita. Even with something designed to bring about the end, there was a beginning.

He gave the entire credit to Bhagavad- Gita.

Our ancestors were certainly not mad. Probably much more advanced than us! For those who understand, dhrona means test tube! It was impossible to withstand the power of bhramastra. All this was real and is still.

Bhagavad Gita

The Bhagavad- Gita is considered by eastern and western scholars alike to be among the greatest spiritual books the world has ever known. In a very clear and wonderful way the Krishna describes the science of self-realization and the exact process by which a human being can establish their eternal relationship with God. In terms of pure, spiritual knowledge the Bhagavad- Gita is incomparable.

Examples show that modern physics allows for remarkable transformations of space and time. And apparently, similar ideas are found in Vedic literature.

We find an example in the story of a king named Kakudmi, who was able to travel to the world of Brahma and experience Brahma’s scale of time. Here is the story, as related in the Srimad-Bhagavatam:

Taking his own daughter, Revati, Kakudmi went to Lord Brahma in Brahmaloka, which is transcendental to the three modes of material nature, and inquired about a husband for her. When Kakudmi arrived there, Lord Brahma was engaged in hearing musical performances by the Gandharvas and had not a moment to talk with him. Therefore Kakudmi waited, and at the end of the musical performances he offered his obeisances to Lord Brahma and thus submitted his long-standing desire.

After hearing his words, Lord Brahma, who is most powerful, laughed loudly and said to Kakudmi, “O King, all those whom you may have decided within the core of your heart to accept as your son-in-law have passed away in the course of time. Twenty-seven catur-yugas have already passed. Those upon whom you may have decided are now gone, and so are their sons, grandsons, and other descendants. You cannot even hear about their names.” (Srimad-Bhagavatam 9.3.28-32)

One catur-yuga lasts 4,320,000 years.

Another example from Gita is the story of the brahma-vimohana-lila, or the bewilderment of Brahma by Krishna. Several thousand years ago, Krishna descended to the earth as an avatara and was playing as a young cowherd boy, tending calves in the forest of Vrindavana (south of present-day New Delhi). To test Krishna’s potency, Brahma used mystic power to steal Krishna’s calves and cowherd friends and hide them in suspended animation in a secluded place. He then went away for a year of earthly time to see what would happen.

Krishna responded to Brahma’s trick by expanding Himself into identical copies of the calves and boys. So, when Brahma returned, he saw Krishna playing with the boys and calves just as before. Brahma became bewildered. Checking the boys and calves he had hidden, he found they were indistinguishable from the ones playing with Krishna, and he couldn’t understand how this was possible. Finally Krishna revealed to Brahma that these latter boys and calves were identical with Himself, and He allowed Brahma to have a direct vision of the spiritual world.

Now, it turns out that even though Brahma was absent for one earth year, on his time scale only a moment had passed. The Sanskrit word used here for a moment of time is truti (Srimad-Bhagavatam 10.13.40). There are various definitions of a truti, but the Vedic astronomy text called the Surya-siddhanta defines a truti to be one of a second. If we accept this figure, then one year on earth corresponds to 13,750 of a second in the time of Brahma.

These examples are out of many which state similar results. They say the answer to all the questions are in the Gita.

Let’s take this concept to our main concern – TIME.

Relation with time

So according to this, one year on earth corresponds to 13,750 of a second in the time of Brahma. Why does this happen?

Because he surely doesn’t live in our surrounding space. There is a huge difference in time flow where God lives and where we live. Time flows at different speed in different parts of universe depending on the mass of the surrounding space. The speed with which time is flowing in God’s part of universe is much slower than ours.

Before we understand that why God doesn’t / cannot control us, let us figure out why is God immortal?

God – Relatively immortal

It is now understood that time flows differently in different parts of universe. According to the theory above, our generations might come and go but only a day or so might have passed for God.

Considering the average life span of a human or human type entity to be 80 years, knowing the time difference and its flow in the space, we can understand that the time taken for God to turn 1 year old will be equivalent for our great great great great, probably one more great grand child to even born. If you are reading this and understanding it might not be tough for you to understand about his 80 years then. So frankly speaking he is not immortal. He is living his life in another part of the universe. He will still be alive after probably 100000 years on earth. Well that doesn’t make him immortal. We can say that he is relatively immortal with respect to us.

Does He control us?

Well probably now everything is explained and it is easy to judge that he cannot control us. He doesn’t have time to control us. If our years take only a part of second for him, he certainly cannot tick our wishlist. There is no processing time left where he can work on our prayers. Well that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t exists. We just proved that he is immortal.

There are like a billion questions unanswered like how did God who once lived on earth (as the stories say) and then travelled to a part of universe with such a time flow difference. Well, we will surely together find these answers.

Probably that will be the day when we could finally encounter him. But folks meeting him by going to his place is like forgetting our earth’s time for centuries. Are you prepared?

Article by Mihir Kansara.
Visit Mihir on Theory of Space Time.

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